We Need Your Help…


We hope you have a wonderful time while you are here this weekend. We truly love this sport of motocross and our family has been blessed to be able to provide a place for riders to come and have fun for nearly 30 years now!!

We would like to ask for your help in keeping our track and facility a SAFE + FUN place to ride. Below are a few rules that we have set in place to try and maintain a safe and family-friendly environment…

1. NO PIT RACING – 1st gear only when riding through the pits
2. Do not ride in the pit area grass; stay on the roads
3. All riders under 21 MUST wear a helmet
4. SOUND CURFEW – All pit vehicles must be parked by 10:00pm
5. No big bikes allowed on the pit bike & bicycle tracks
6. Please pick up your trash and clean your pit area before leaving

PARENTS, this is a racetrack, NOT a daycare! Please do not drop your children off and allow them to run wild! Teach them the rules so they can keep Swan a safe and fun place for years to come! (If these rules seem unreasonable, then please do not come.)

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!! We look forward to an awesome weekend!

Click conta.cc/1QNU2uI to view this email | Sent on Oct. 1, 2015