Conveniently located 4 miles from Interstate 20, Swan MX lies right in the middle of a hot bed of numerous chain restaurants, as well as many local dining options. There are many hotels, grocery stores, and hardware stores near Swan MX as well.

If you fly in, and haven’t visited Tyler Texas before, a must visit is La Plazita! They do close around 5 but they have a killer breakfast, lunch and take-out!!

La Plazita

11980 State Hwy 64 


R E S T A U R A N T S  I N  T H E  L I N D A L E  A R E A

Within 4 miles of Swan MX (towards Lindale)
Cracker Barrel 13821 US Hwy 69 N.  903.882.1322 
 13815 Hwy 69N, Lindale  903.424.5392

McDonald’s  3511 S. Main St.  903.882.5821
IHOP  3408 S Main St.  903.882-3436
Burger King  3404 S Main St.  903.566.4900
Taco Bell  3401 S. Main St.  903.882.4335
Subway  13354 CR 472  903.882.0231
KFC  3222 S Main St  903.508.2891
Long John Silvers  3222 S Main St  903.508.2891
Pizza Hut  3222 S Main St  903.881.8691
Sonic Drive-In  3214 S Main St.  903.881.1923
Chili’s  3210 S Main St  903.882.3227
Posados Mexican Cafe  3201 S Main St.  903.881.0434
Domino’s Pizza  2610 S. Main St.  903.881.8600
Leo’s Asian Bistro  2808 S Main St  903.882.5367