Swan MX Raceway Park is closed to the public on a daily basis.


We are truly sorry, but we are not able to accommodate out-of-town travelers, as WE DO NOT OFFER DAILY/ WEEKLY/ MONTHLY RIDE PASSES at this time.


We really appreciate your interest in riding at Swan, and hope that you can make it out to some of our scheduled Organized Practice ride days and races!


There are 3 ways to ride at Swan MX!



Participate in our monthly races! We offer race classes for all ages, bike sizes, and skill levels so there is something for everyone!

• Click to learn more about our Races.



We hold several Organized Practice dates throughout the year in conjunction with our race weekends.  These dates are open to everyone…all bikes, ages, and skill levels are welcome!

• Click to learn more about our Organized Practice.



Sign up on select dates for a Yearly Practice Membership; pay ONE PRICE and ride for the entire year!  A Practice Membership at Swan MX Park allows you to ride just about anytime you want…7 days a week!  The track is groomed almost every weekend throughout the entire year!  

• Click to learn more about our Practice Memberships.




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