Moto Masters

2018 Moto Masters Vet Series |  CANCELLED


at Swan MX Raceway Park  |  Tyler, Texas


UPDATED:  February 22, 2018Logo Suzuki FINAL 2

UPDATE  |  Thursday, February 22

March 10-11 at Swan is CANCELLED

Don’t remember ever personally rescheduling a reschedule, but I reckon there’s a first time for everything. Or we may have to just punt.

Well folks, as some of you well know, it’s always difficult to find a non-conflicting race date. After checking both the TVRC site and AHRMA site, we didn’t see any conflict, however after digging deeper into the AHRMA site we see our mistake! Pretty ridiculous oversight by us, but it happened!

For many years now when a Swan event would be forced to reschedule we would not add an additional new date on the calendar, instead we would just move it to our already planned next race date and make it a double-header weekend! This way we would keep from getting on top of someone else’s already scheduled event! Well, this time we tried to squeeze it into the calendar, but mistakenly overlooked another vintage event! I think Texas must now have 200 tracks and 199 riders!

Our next musical chairs move is up in the air for now!

“You may make your plans, but God directs your actions.” Proverbs 16:9.

UPDATE  |  Wednesday, February 21
In 32 years at Swan, we have seen at least four things that will never change: there is always another newest best track owner, the whole truth is real hard to find in most of our society, race tracks come and they go, and the weather is always unpredictable!
In light of a newly conflicting date, and with both the vintage and vet rider groups being small, we have made the decision to move our March 3-4 races to hopefully better serve these two groups! Our race calendar has been public since December 18, 2017!
Round 1 of the Moto Masters and our Swan Vintage + Vet “Old School Reunion” has now been moved to MARCH 10-11! This will allow both of these groups to attend both track’s events!
“Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
We are happy to be hosting the opening round of the 4th Annual Moto Masters Vet Series once again!  It will be held on Saturday, March 10, and will offer many classes to choose from for vet riders 25 years old and older.  And if you still want some more racing fun, then be sure to stick around and race some vet classes in the “Old School Reunion” Vintage + Vet Race on Sunday also! 
 Press Release made by Johnsonville:

2018 MotoMasters Vet Series presented by Shock SoxFullSizeRender (1)

“Wednesday, December 20, 2017 (Yantis, Texas) – We are proud to announce the 2018 MotoMasters Vet Series presented by Shock Sox schedule. This year (2017) the weather forced us fly logoto reduce the series to four out of six rounds for its Third year; however the new calendar for 2018 returns with seven rounds at seven tracks.

The 2018 MotoMasters schedule will offer a seven round series E23854 (3)and we have added two new tracks this year. Riders will revisit several of the same tracks that raced the series in the last 3IMG_0539[1] (2) years.  Several tracks reached out and wanted to be added to the series so we conducted a facebook poll and choose the top seven tracks the riders voted on.  We look forward to seeing you all at the races.”

2018 Series Dates:

★ Rd 1 – March 10  |  Swan MX Raceway Park
★ Rd 2 – April 7  |  Greenville MX
★ Rd 3 – April 28  |  Freestone
★ Rd 4 – May 12  |  Oak Hill MX
★ Rd 5 – June 9  |  Village Creek
★ Rd 6 – July 14  |  Three Palms
★ Rd 7 – September 8  |  Johnsonville


Series Classes:

1.  Junior 25+ A ($)
2.  Junior 25+ B
3.  Junior 25+ C/D
4.  Junior 25+ Open
5. Womens 25+ Open
6.  Vet 30+ A ($)
7.  Vet 30+ B
8.  Vet 30+ C
9. Vet 30+ Beginner
10.  Vet 35+ A ($)
11.  Vet 35+ B
12.  Vet 35+ C/D
13.  Senior 40+ A ($)
14.  Senior 40+ B
15.  Senior 40+ C
16.  Senior 40+ Beginner
17.  Senior 45+ A
18.  Senior 45+ B
19.  Senior 45+ C/D
20.  Masters 50+ A
21.  Masters 50+ B
22.  Masters 50+ C/D
23.  Masters 55+ A
24.  Masters 55+ B
25.  Masters 55+ C/D
26.  Jedi 60+
27.  Two-Stroke
28.  Post Vintage


“We are working on two factory contingency programs and I will announce those as soon as I am notified.  We have several other sponsors that have jumped on board for the 2018 MotoMasters series……Our series is presented by Shock Sox-all series overall winners will receive a set of Shock Sox……Other sponsors that have jumped on board are: Fly Racing with $2,000 in Fly Bucks, Eagle Grit Cleaner, AllSport Dynamics, XBrand Goggles……and we have several more I will announce soon.

MotoXPod has generously collected quite a few autographed Jerseys that we will give away at the series final on Sept 9th at Johnsonville Mx Farm.  Here’s the catch on how to win one of the many autographed jerseys…for every race you enter at each round, your name will be entered into a drawing that many times.

For additional information you can email your questions to [email protected]. Like our Facebook Page at: MotoMasters Vet Series & our Instagram Page: motomastersvetseries.”


2018 Weekend Schedule:  CANCELLED

Friday  |  March 9
Gate Hours:  6pm-10pm
Early Registration:  7pm-8pm  (for Moto Masters)

Saturday  |  March 10
Moto Masters Vet Series | Round 1
Gate Hours:  6am-10pm
Registration:  6:30am
Practice:  8am (2 Rounds)
Riders meeting after practice, followed by races.
Early Registration:  7pm-8pm (for Sunday’s race)

Sunday  |  March 11
Old School Reunion Vintage + Vet Race
Gate Hours:  6:30am
Registration:  7am
Practice:  8:30am
Riders meeting after practice, followed by races.



All registration will take place on race weekends at the scoring tower using our touchscreen self-registration system.  If you do not find yourself in the kiosk, or are a brand new racer, you will need to fill out a paper entry form during registration so we can manually add you to our racing system for next time!



Gate Admission:
Friday-Sunday:      $20/Person
Saturday-Sunday:  $20/Person
$10/Person  (after 3:00pm)
Sunday Only:          $10/Person

★  Upon entry on Friday & Saturday morning, you will be charged $20 for the entire weekend. If you leave on Saturday after the Moto Masters race, you will receive a $10 refund for Sunday.
★ Front gate admission must be paid with cash or check only.  Children 5 & under are FREE!

Dry Camping:  $10/vehicle/night

RV Hookups: $30/night FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED  (More information HERE)

Race Entry:  $40/Class


Minor Release:

NO RELEASE = NO RIDE!  All riders under 18 years MUST have a parent present to sign a release. Or you may bring a NOTARIZED release signed by a parent.  AN UNACCOMPANIED MINOR WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RACE UNLESS THEY HAVE A VALID CONSENT FORM.  All minors attending this event without parents, must come with a NOTARIZED statement from parents or legal guardian giving permission for another adult to act as guardian to sign releases.




No memberships of any kind are needed to race on this weekend.  Just show up, sign up, practice, and race!


Other Information:

★ Riders MUST bring last 4 digits of VIN of every bike competing on when registering.

★ Water is available for washing bikes- bring your own power washer.

★ PLEASE help us! Pit riding is allowed, BUT must be kept in 1st gear, and no riding in the grass.

★ Permitted pit vehicles include: Pit bikes, Golf carts, Side X Side, Scooters & bicycles with helmets.
All riders under 21 MUST wear a helmet when riding through the pits.

★ All permitted pit vehicles must be parked for the night by 10 PM


Series & Track Info:

Swan MX Raceway Park
Track recording: 903-882-4215
Track address: 12068 CR 433, Tyler, TX 75704
Track web:
Track email: [email protected]
Series questions: [email protected]