Minor Release

For all riders under the age of 18, it’s crucial to have a parent present for the signing of the release. Alternatively, they can bring a notarized release that’s already been signed by a parent. If your child will be participating in the race without your presence, it’s necessary for them to carry a notarized Minor Release. This release should clearly list a legal guardian and their contact details. This designated guardian will need to represent your child throughout the race weekend and be present at registration to sign the entry form.

Please note, no release = no ride! You’ll need to prepare two notarized forms in advance: one for Swan MX and another to be kept by the Guardian or Authorized Adult in case of emergencies. It’s important to note that we only accept original releases; photocopies are not valid. Furthermore, unaccompanied minors will not be permitted to either practice or race without a valid consent form. Lastly, adult siblings, neighbors, friends, or relatives are only allowed to sign releases for a rider if they hold a notarized release from the rider’s parents, expressly authorizing them to do so.

Minor Release

To ensure your minor’s release is valid for the full year, fill in the date as “RACE DATE – DECEMBER 2024.” We’ll retain it until year-end, exempting you from repeat submissions at each event within the year. However, please remember a new form is required annually.

Please note, we do not have notary services onsite. For notarization, visit nearby banks, libraries, or select UPS stores with your consent form.

Keep in mind, at our AMA events, an official AMA release form still needs to be completed at the track, which we’ll then forward to the AMA.

AMA Minor Release

If your rider is accompanied by a parent: Please print out and prepare the AMA Minor Release form prior to race day to streamline the registration process. These forms will also be available at Registration. Note that they must be presented by the parent, not a ‘Legal Guardian’ unless they are authorized via a notarized release from the parents.

If your rider isn’t accompanied by a parent: In situations where a parent isn’t accompanying their child, the parent should print the Swan Minor Release form and have it notarized. This allows the specified Legal Guardian to sign the AMA release at Registration.

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