Join us for the “Old School Reunion” THIS WEEKEND!!!!

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“Old School Reunion”

It’s almost time for vintage and post vintage bikes to hit the racetrack at Swan MX once again, after many years!  Regardless of your age, if you have a dirtbike that is older/earlier than a 2008 year model, we will have a vintage or post-vintage class just for you!
Vet racers 25 years and older on modern bikes will also be joining in the racing fun, beginning at noon on Sunday!  This vet race will serve as a warm-up for the upcoming 2017 Moto Masters Vet Series, which will be kicking off at Swan on March 4!
Even if you aren’t able to race, there will be plenty of bench racing going on for you to join in on!  Plus, a FREE PIZZA LUNCH will be provided for ALL!! (A big ‘thank you’ to Milan Ostoin!)
Gates will open on Saturday (Feb.18) from 5pm-10pm for those wanting to arrive early, register for racing, reunite with old friends, and get a head start on the “Old School Reunion”!
It wouldn’t be a genuine old school reunion without a SPLIT PROGRAM RACE FORMAT!!  Come for a short half day of fun, or a full day of even more fun!! Vintage and post-vintage classes race in the morning, and all vet classes begin at 12 noon!


*Note:  This event is for VINTAGE BIKES & VET RIDERS 25+ years only.  There will NOT be any youth classes offered at this event.  We encourage all youth riders to attend Round 1 of the “KING OF TEXAS SERIES” at Buffalo Creek MX on February 19!
Saturday  |  February 18
Gate Hours  5pm-10pm
Early Registration  7pm-8pm
Sunday  |  February 19
Gate Hours  6am
Registration  6am-1pm
Vintage & Post Vintage Practice  7am
Racing following practice
Vet Practice  12pm
Racing following Practice



Class/bike specifications listed on EVENT PAGE.
Texas Premier
25+ Expert (A)  100% $ payback
Vintage Advanced
25+ Intermediate (B)
Vintage Amateur
25+ Amateur (C,D)
Vintage 40+
30+ Expert (A)  100% $ payback
Vintage 50+
30+ Intermediate (B)
Vintage 60+
30+ Amateur (C,D)
Vintage 70+
35+ Expert (A)  Trophy Class
Post Vintage -1981  (AKA GP2)
35+ Intermediate (B)
Post Vintage -1988  (AKA GP3)
35+ Amateur (C,D)
Post Vintage -1997  (AKA GP4)
40+ Expert (A)  Trophy Class
Post Vintage -2008  (AKA GP5)
40+ Intermediate (B)
Post Vintage -2008 50+  (AKA GP5 Over 50)
40+ Amateur (C,D)
Post Vintage 40+  (AKA GP Over 40)
45+ Expert (A)  Trophy Class
Post Vintage 50+  (AKA GP Over 50)
45+ Intermediate (B)
Post Vintage 60+  (AKA GP Over 60)
45+ Amateur (C,D)
Post Vintage 70+  (AKA GP Over 70)
50+ Advanced (A,B)
Post Vintage Small Bore -1988  (AKA GP3 Small Bore)
50+ Amateur (C,D)
Post Vintage Small Bore -1997  (AKA GP4 Small Bore)
55+ Advanced (A,B)
55+ Amateur (C,D)
60+ Open
70+ Open
These Vintage + Post Vintage classes have been adapted from TVRC’s list of classes.
Skill Levels:  A= Expert;  B= Intermediate;  
C= Novice;  D= Beginner

In Memory of…

February 23 will mark the 6th year since one of our former racers, Sebastian Ostoin, 
tragically passed away in a car accident at only 19 years old. 

Sebastian’s parents, Milan & Theodora, have graciously offered to provide a pizza lunch for everyone at the “Old School Reunion” on February 19.

They have remained involved in motocross and hope to keep his love of riding dirtbikes alive by doing this in his honor.

There will be plenty of soft drinks and a variety of pizzas for everyone!
Regardless if you are racing or spectating, you are welcome to come out and eat!


February 19, 2017

“Old School Reunion” Vintage + Vet Race



March 4, 2017

Moto Masters Vet Series – Round 1


March 5, 2017

Texas AMA D41 Spring Series – Round 1
You shall rise before the gray headed and honor the presence of an old man,
and fear your God: I am the Lord.  Leviticus 19:32