District 41 at Athens MX

2022 AMA Texas Statewide Championship Series

District 41 – Round 3 at Athens Motocross Park

September 11, 2022


NOTE: This race is NOT at Swan!  It will be held at Athens Motocross Park.

Join us for Round 3 of the District 41 Series at Athens Motocross Park!  A brand new track has been built just for this event!  Plan to come and check it out!  We will see you there!  

The track address is: 3898 CR 3711, Athens, TX  LIKE on Facebook!

All riders are welcome, including out-of-state riders!  Even if you haven’t ridden any other rounds of the series.  By riding just one round of the series and being in the top 16 in your class, you will then be eligible to race at the Texas State Final at Underground MX on October 28-30!

UPDATED:  August 23, 2022


All Series Specifics:



Weekend Schedule:

Gates will lock nightly at 11pm, so please plan accordingly. No entry/exit after 11pm.

Friday  |  September 9
Gate Hours:  7pm-11pm 

Saturday  | September 10
Gate Hours:  8am-11pm
Registration:  9am-6pm

Organized Practice  12pm-6pm

Sunday  | September 11
Gate Hours:  6:00am
Registration:  6:30am

 Texas AMA District 41 Championship Series | Round 3
Practice:  8am
Races following practice.



Series Classes:

• No one under the age of 14 is allowed to compete on a 250cc motorcycle.
• No one under the age of 16 is allowed to compete on a 251cc+ motorcycle.
• Age Effective for all classes is January 1, 2022
• Beginner is defined as a rider that has not competed in any form of motorcycle racing one year prior to the first round of the series. (Never Raced Before 8-14-2021**)  ** Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances, with prior written approval.

Click HERE to view classes offered!  Awards: 1st-5th place.



Gate Admission and Race Registration accepts cash, checks, and credit cards.

Gate Admission:
Friday-Sunday:       $15/Person
Saturday-Sunday:  $15/Person
Sunday Only:          $10/Person

★  Upon entry you will be charged for the entire weekend.  If you leave early, you will receive a refund for the remaining days.  (Ticket AND gate receipt required for gate refund upon leaving.)
★  All persons entering the park will be charged a gate fee (includes racers, spectators, guests, etc.).
★  Front gate admission may be paid with cash or credit card.
★  Children 5 & under are FREE!


Pit vehicles:  FREE!

Water to fill tanks:  FREE!


Dry camping:  $15/vehicle/night
Water is available to fill tanks and wash bikes at no extra charge!


RV Hookups:  None

Rented a camper?  Please have it delivered during our open gate hours.  We are not able to allow early entrance or meet and park them. 


Organized Practice:  $30/Group  Register online & check in at track for practice sticker AN AMA MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED TO PRACTICE

Race Fees:  $45/Sunday District 41 Series Class  Register online & check in at track for practice sticker  AN AMA MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED TO RACE




★  All registration will take place online. There will not be any kiosk or paper entry form registration at the track.



★ Be sure to bring your AMA card and 4-digit frame number of each bike you will be competing on to registration.  You must ride the same bike for both motos.  All minors must have a parent or legal guardian (with notarized release from parents) present to sign AMA release.  NO VALID RELEASE = NO RIDE. (See below.)




Minor Release:

NO VALID RELEASE = NO RIDE!  All riders under 18 years MUST have a parent present to sign a release to be able to practice or race.  Or you may bring a NOTARIZED release signed by a parent.  AN UNACCOMPANIED MINOR WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RACE UNLESS THEY HAVE A VALID CONSENT FORM.  All minors attending this event without parents, must come with a NOTARIZED statement from parents or legal guardian giving permission for another adult to act as guardian to sign releases.

◆  Print out AMA MINOR RELEASE and have ready on race day to save time in line!  These forms will also be available at Registration. ***Must be presented to registration by parent.***  Can not be presented by a ‘Legal Guardian’ if they do not have a notarized release from parents authorizing them to be the legal guardian.

◆  If a parent will NOT be coming with their child, the parent will need to print this MINOR RELEASE and get it NOTARIZED so the listed Legal Guardian may sign the AMA release at Registration.



AMA Membership:


An AMA membership is required to practice or race as this is an AMA sanctioned event.  Memberships and renewals will be available for purchase at Registration.  

Save time in line on race day by signing up online!  Be sure to print out and bring your temporary card as proof of current membership, or be required to purchase another one.  Remember, YOU are responsible for having proof of current membership!

> AMA Prices:  1 Year= $49, Youth 0-11yrs= $29, One-Event Pass= $20



Remember, YOU are responsible for having proof of current membership! 







Please view texasmotocrossalliance.com/rules for all Series Rules.

★ Awards for 1st through 5th presented at each district race.

★ Riders must compete in at least 4 of the 5 rounds and be present at the final round in District 41 to be eligible for overall awards and contingency.

★ All rounds that riders compete in count towards their point accumulation.  All riders will want to race all rounds to earn as many points as possible.

★ The top five riders which accumulate the most points at the end of each district series will receive overall awards and contingency for that district.

★ All 3 districts (Districts 20, 41, and 42) will come together on October 29-30 at Underground MX for the 2022 Texas AMA State Championship Finals. It is a 2-day race format with practice offered on Friday.



Other Information:

★ Riders MUST bring last 4 digits of VIN of every bike competing on when registering, as this is an AMA Sanctioned event.
★ Water is available for washing bikes- bring your own power washer.
★ PARENTS, PLEASE help us! Pit riding is allowed, BUT must be kept in 1st gear, and no riding in the grass.
★  Allowed pit vehicles include golf carts and side-by-sides. Bicycles allowed if wearing a BUCKLED bicycle helmet.  Pitbikes allowed if wearing a BUCKLED motorcycle helmet.
★  All riders under 21 MUST wear a helmet when riding through the pits.
★  Pit vehicles must be parked for the night at dark.
★  Sound curfew at 10pm. Gates lock nightly at 11pm.



Protest Fees & Procedures:

The following AMA protest fees shall apply at all rounds:

★ Visual protests: $100 per item or component protested
★ Technical protests: $100 per item or component protested

Plus the following if applicable:
§ Tear down fees: $200 two-stroke/$500 four-stroke
§ Required engine removal: $100
§ Fuel test deposit: $325

★ Administrative protests: $100 per incident
★ In the event of a technical protest involving a teardown or removal of the engine from the frame, the protested rider may elect for the inspection to occur either before or after the final moto involving the protested machine. In the event the inspection is made after the final moto, the machine will be impounded between motos and/or the engine sealed pending the inspection.



Series & Track Info:

Athens Motocross Park
Official series website:  texasmotocrossalliance.com
Track address: 3898 CR 3711, Athens, TX
Track Facebook Page