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UPDATED:  9.15.17

2017 Texas Pro Challenge Flier WEB

Photo courtesy of Hazbeenz

2017 $25,000 Texas Pro-Am Challenge

September 29-October 1, 2017  |  Tyler, Texas  |  26th Annual

Calling all pro and amateur racers!!  Start making plans!!!  After last year’s record-breaking turnout (1,100+ race entries!), we will be opening the gates on THURSDAY (Sept. 28) to better accommodate everyone!

Attention Amateur Racers!!  This will be a great opportunity to ride at an outdoor MX national event that some of the fastest pros from across the nation have raced!  We will offer Friday Organized PracticeNight Racing, and Day Racing; participate in one event or all 3!  Enjoy riding the upcoming new track updates, awesome track conditions, and great fellowship with other racers from all over the USA!  (The Texas Pro Challenge will be held in conjunction with Round 8 of the Texas Lone Star State Championship MX Series.)

Invite all of your favorite pro riders to come and race for their chance to win some of the $25,000 guaranteed pro purse! In the 26 years of having this event, we have already given away over $625,000!!! We look forward to seeing who will come for this year’s challenge!

We will have day racing, night racing, fireworks, bounce houses for the kids, and more… This will definitely be a fun weekend for all ages!!

More than $625,000 paid out over the past 25 years!!!


AMATEUR RACER INFO (Printable)        ONLINE REGISTRATION  (Open from September 11-26)



Here is some great video footage from the 2015 Texas Pro Challenge. It was shot using a drone by AJ Goin, and he graciously shared it with us! Enjoy!   (Direct link:

Note: the song includes some words that we do NOT approve of. You may want to turn the volume down if you have small children nearby…

This was the view in 2016 as the gates opened on Friday! (Direct link:



Jimmy Albertson   ★   Mike Alessi   ★   Jason Anderson   ★   Kenny Bartram   ★   Zack Blackwell   ★   Gannon Audette   ★   Ozzy Barbaree   ★   Kenny Bartram   ★   Zack Blackwell   ★   Matt Bisceglia   ★   Benny Bloss   ★   Charlie Bogard   ★    Justin Bogle   ★   Larry Brooks   ★   Mike Brown   ★   Justin Buckelew   ★   Trey Canard   ★   Chuck Carothers   ★   Paul Carpenter   ★   Chad Charbonneau   ★   Adam Chatfield   ★   Ryan Clark   ★   Guy Cooper   ★   Kyle Cunningham   ★   Paul Currie   ★   Brian Deegan   ★   Jeff Dement   ★   Josh Demuth   ★   Travis Elliott   ★   Tim Ferry   ★   Jeff Gibson   ★   Pedro Gonzalez   ★   Grayson Goodman   ★   Josh Grant   ★   Ryan Grantom   ★   Sean Hackley, Jr.   ★   Tommy Hahn   ★   Wil Hahn   ★   Heath Harrison   ★   Dennis Hawthorne   ★   Tommy Hoffmaster   ★   Isaiah Johnson   ★   Keith Johnson   ★   Kevin Johnson   ★   Matthew Karlsen   ★   Derek Kemp   ★   Ben LaMay    ★   Jason Langford   ★   Evan Laughridge   ★   Phil Lawrence   ★   Matt Lemoine   ★   Kyle Lewis   ★   Johnny Marley   ★   James Marshall   ★   Alex Martin   ★   Jeremy Martin   ★   Vann Martin   ★   Vernon McKiddie   ★   Mike Metzger   ★   Bud Moore   ★   Jesse Moore   ★   Blake Neiheiser   ★   Colt Nichols   ★   Mitchell Oldenburg   ★   Zach Osborne   ★   Cliff Palmer   ★   Trampas Parker   ★   Teddy Parks   ★   Travis Pastrana   ★   Andrew Pierce   ★   Chris Plouffe   ★   Chase Reed   ★   Kyle Regal   ★   Ricky Renner   ★   Robbie Reynard   ★   Jacob Saylor   ★   Brock Sellards   ★   Shane Sewell   ★   Travis Sewell    ★   Andrew Short   ★   John Short   ★   Aaron Smith   ★   Robbie Smith   ★  Kyle Swanson   ★   Tevin Tapia   ★    Ivan Tedesco   ★   Erick Vallejo   ★   Lance Vincent   ★   Heath Voss   ★   David Vuillemin   ★   Chad Ward   ★   Scotty Wennerstrom   ★   Jesse Wentland   ★   Nick Wey   ★   Tyler Wharton   ★   Billy Whitley   ★   Michael Willard   ★   Dean Wilson   ★   Zack Williams   ★   Kevin Windham   ★   Josh Woods   ★   Brad Woolsey   ★

And these are just a few!  This list is constantly growing longer every year!


Thursday  |  September 28
Gate Hours:  7pm-11pm
Registration:  8pm-9pm

Friday  |  September 29
Gate Hours:  7am-11pm
Registration:  9am-7pm
Organized Practice:  12Noon-6pm

Saturday  |  September 30
Gate Hours:  6am-11pm
Registration:  6am-10pm

Texas Lone Star State Championship MX Series | Moto 1  (Practice 7:15am)
Open Pro Class @3pm/5pm  (Practice 12pm)
Lone Star Night Series  (Practice 6:30pm)

Sunday  |  October 1
Gate Hours:  7am
Registration:  8am

Texas Lone Star State Championship MX Series | Moto 2 (Practice 7:30am)
250 Pro Class @1pm/3pm  (Practice 11am)


***Detailed schedule can be found here:  AMATEUR RACER INFO ***


Gate Admission:
Thursday-Sunday:  $30/Person
Friday-Sunday:       $30/Person ($20 for arrivals after 6pm)
Saturday-Sunday:  $20/Person  ($10 for arrivals after 6pm)
Sunday Only:          $10/Person

★  Upon entry on Friday & Saturday, you will be charged for the entire weekend.  If you leave on Saturday night, you will receive a refund for Sunday.  (Ticket & gate receipt required for gate refund upon leaving.)
★  Front gate admission must be paid with cash or check only.
★  Children 5 & under are FREE!

Dry Camping:  FREE!
RV Hookups: $30/night FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED  (More information HERE)

Entry Fees:
FRIDAY:  Organized Practice:  $25/Rider

NIGHT:  Lone Star Night Series:  Online $30/ Class  |  Track $30/Class

DAY:  Texas Lone Star State Championship MX Series:  Online $40/ Class  |  Track $45/Class

PROS:  Online $80/Class  |  Track $85/Class

.*Gate admission accepts cash only.  Registration accepts cash or all major credit cards.



We will have the ENTIRE pit area around the complete racetrack open for parking & camping at this event!  You will be able to park TRACKSIDE around the complete racetrack!  Swan MX has 25+ acres of premium shaded grassy parking so there are plenty of premium spots to choose from!

Be sure to park perpendicular to the fence – NOT parallel (either pull in or back in). Tune your radio to 96.9FM to hear announcements. Water will be available to fill your tank.

There is no charge for parking or camping- it’s FREE!!



★  Commercial restrooms with air conditioning and hot showers
★  Grand stand seating for 3000+ people
★  3rd story observation deck above the announcer’s tower
★  Covered and lighted starting gates and staging
★  Great food concessions and picnic tables
★  Shaded children’s playground
★  Water will be available to fill up your RV/trailer tanks



All registration will take place on race weekends at the scoring tower using our touchscreen self-registration system.  If you do not find yourself in the kiosk, or you are a brand new racer, you will need to fill out a paper entry form during registration so we can manually add you to our racing system for next time.


Save time on race day if you’re already in our racing system!  We can add you beforehand so you can register yourself using the kiosk when you arrive!  You may email us ([email protected]) the needed information and we will get you added!

Rider’s name
Rider’s date of birth
Phone number
Bike number / Bike brand / Bike cc  (You will use your bike number to lookup your name in the kiosk.)
Emergency contact (Name & Phone number)



★  There will be Organized Practice on Friday for all ages and skill levels.
★  This event will be a 2-DAY FORMAT for ALL Amateur racers  (Saturday = Moto 1, Sunday = Moto 2)
★  No license or membership of any kind is needed to practice or race!




NO RELEASE = NO RIDE!  All riders under 18 years MUST have a parent present to sign a release.  Or you may bring a NOTARIZED release signed by a parent.  AN UNACCOMPANIED MINOR WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE OR RACE UNLESS THEY HAVE A VALID CONSENT FORM.  All minors attending this event without parents, must come with a NOTARIZED statement from parents or legal guardian giving permission for another adult to act as guardian to sign releases.




★  This event will be a 2-DAY FORMAT for ALL Amateur racers  (Saturday = Moto 1, Sunday = Moto 2)

We are offering a select few SPECIAL EVENT CLASSES!  These classes will give riders the opportunity to ride when the spectators are in the stands to watch the pro races, as well as run the extended pro course!!  The top 8 in each class will recieve an award, with additional special prizes given to the 1st-3rd place winners in each class!  PLUSSherman Powersports will be awarding $500 in giftcards to their newly expanded motorcycle shop as holeshot awards for these 5 select classes!! ($50/moto)

★  50cc Future Pros – SPECIAL EVENT CLASS | Race on Pro Course + $100 in Holeshot awards
★  65cc Future Pros – SPECIAL EVENT CLASS | Race on Pro Course + $100 in Holeshot awards
★  85cc Future Pros – SPECIAL EVENT CLASS | Race on Pro Course + $100 in Holeshot awards
★  Big Bike (12-17) Future Pros – SPECIAL EVENT CLASS | Race on Pro Course + $100 in Holeshot awards
★  Big Bike (16+) Future Pros – SPECIAL EVENT CLASS | Race on Pro Course + $100 in Holeshot awards

450 Open Pro (A)   122cc+ 2S & 4S  SATURDAY FEATURED MONEY CLASS!  
250 Pro (A)   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)  SUNDAY FEATURED MONEY CLASS!
50 (4-6)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max (Junior bikes only.  No 59cc or 60cc engine kits.)
50 (7-8)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max  (Senior bikes only.  No 59cc or 60cc engine kits.)
50 Open (4-8)   51cc 2S max or 90cc 4S max
65 (7-9)   65cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max
65 (10-12)   65cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max
65 Open (7-12)   65cc 2S max or 110cc 4S max
85 Beginner (7-15)   79-112cc 2S SW & BW or 75-150cc 4S SW & BW
85 (7-11)   79-85cc 2S SW or 75-150cc 4S SW (No BW)
85 (9-13)   79-85cc 2S SW or 75-150cc 4S SW (No BW)
85 (12-15)   79-85cc 2S SW or 75-150cc 4S SW (No BW)
Supermini 1 (7-12)   79-112cc 2S SW & BW or 75-150cc 4S SW & BW
Supermini 2 (12-16)   79-112cc 2S SW & BW or 75-150cc 4S SW & BW ​
Schoolboy 1 (12-16)   86-125cc 2S BW or 75-150cc 4S BW (No SW)
Schoolboy 2 (13-16)   100-150cc 2S BW or 126-250cc 4S BW (No SW)
Open Beginner   122-450cc 2S & 4S
125-650 Open Nov/Beg (C/D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
Amateur Open (B,C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
Collegeboy Open Amt (16-24)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
Women   80-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)
250 Nov (C) 12-16   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)
250 Nov (C) 17+   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)
250 Int (B)   122-250cc 2S & 4S (No 450F)
450 Nov (C)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
450 Int (B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
25+ Exp (A)   122cc+ 2S & 4S (100% payback)
25+ Amt (B,C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
30+ Adv (A,B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
30+ Amt (C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
40+ Adv (A,B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
40+ Amt (C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
45+ Adv (A,B)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
45+ Amt (C,D)   122cc+ 2S & 4S
50+ Open   122cc+ 2S & 4S
55+ Open   122cc+ 2S & 4S
Notes:  2S= 2-stroke,  4S= 4-stroke,  SW= Small Wheel,  BW= Big Wheel

Age Effective Dates:  Amateur classes:  January 1, 2017  |  Vet classes: Day of event.

Awards:  1st–8th Place

PLEASE NOTE:  Although this event is not an AMA sanctioned event, in an effort to maintain consistency and uniformity, we will be conforming to the newest age rules regarding 250cc and 450cc bikes.   New AMA Changes beginning in 2017:

• No one under the age of 14 is allowed to compete on a 250cc motorcycle.
• No one under the age of 16 is allowed to compete on a 450cc motorcycle.


 Other Information

★  Water is available for washing bikes- bring your own power washer.
★  PARENTS, PLEASE help us! Pit riding is allowed, BUT must be kept in 1st gear on the roads- no riding in the grass.
★  Permitted pit vehicles include: Pit bikes, Golf carts, Side X Side, Scooters & bicycles with helmets.
★  All riders under 21 MUST wear a helmet when riding through the pits.
★  All pit vehicles must be parked for the night by 10 PM.

Series & Track Info:

Swan MX Raceway Park
Track recording: 903-882-4215
Track address: 12068 CR 433, Tyler, Texas 75704
Track web:
Track email: [email protected]


First turn photo courtesy: Patrick Herlihy