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Tyler, Texas

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Texas Winter Series - Round 2 - January 10-11, 2015

A big
Thank You!
Swan MX Raceway Park
Grand Prize Winners! 
Here are the 2014 Texas Lone Star Series 20 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS! 
This year's grand prizes (valued at over $20,000) included 2015 Swan MX Yearly Practice Memberships, Free Racing at Swan MX for 2015, bicycles, free helmet painting from Xtreme Kolors, and to one lucky winner a NEW MX DIRTBIKE!!!
Congratulations to this year's winners!
Brittani Clinard, Travis Hodnett, Hope Howerton, Jaxon Intlehouse, Caleb Johnson, Randy Johnson, Justin Johnston, Michael LaCombe, Jacob Little, Steve McFerrin,
Tim McJunkins, Austin Martin, Taylor May, Averee Miles, Nolan Parker, Kadin Ply, Grayson Polanski, Ben Smith, Shane Stone, and Britton Taylor.
2014 Texas Lone Star Series Finale
We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 
2014 Texas Lone Star State Championship MX Series!
The top 8 winners in each class received 
an overall plaque and contingencies. 

A special THANK YOU to our sponsors!
MTA (Motorcycles, Tires & Accessories)
Baxley's Parts & Accessories
Broadway Powersports
Extreme Kolors Helmet Painting
Adrenaline MX
Over $25,000 in contingency 
product was given away! 

on being the 
Grand Prize Winner
of a new dirt bike!
Congratulations to all of the
Texas Lone Star Series
50cc (4-6)   Madden Jones
50cc (7-8)   Zachary Applegate
50cc Open (4-8)   Jason Hulsey


65cc (7-9)   Connor Fair
65cc (10-12)   Michael Donelson 
65cc Open (7-12)   Michael Donelson


85cc Beginner (7-15)   Riggin Smith
85cc (7-11)   Travis Hodnett
85cc (9-13)   Stockton Stinebaugh
85cc (12-15)   Stockton Stinebaugh
Supermini 1 (7-15)   Stockton Stinebaugh 

Supermini 2 (12-16)   Carson Prewett


Schoolboy 1 (12-16)   Ryne Mabry
 Schoolboy 2 (13-16)   Tyler Sudderth
Amateur Open (B,C,D)    Austin Jones
125-650 Open Nov/Beg (C,D)   Austin Martin
Collegeboy Open Amt (16-24)   Caleb Johnson
Women (80cc-250F)   Brittani Clinard

250 Beg (D)   Nolan Parker
250 Nov (C) 12-16   Tyler Sudderth
250 Nov (C) 17+   Shane Stone
250 Int (B)   Caleb Johnson
250 Pro (A)   Dillon Johnson

450 Beg (D)   Nolan Parker
450 Nov (C)   Shane Stone
450 Int (B)   Hunter Hightower
450 Pro (A)   Dillon Johnson
25+ Amt (C,D)   Ricky Hacic
25+ Adv (A,B)   Austin Jones
30+ Nov/Beg (C,D)   Taylor Bernard
30+ Int (B)   Steve McFerrin
30+ Exp (A)   Matt Cleveland
40+ Amt (C,D)   Rick Hacic
40+ Adv (A,B)   Michael Clement
45+ Open   Michael Clement
50+ Open   Michael Clement
55+ Open   Randy Johnson
May you and your 
family have a blessed &
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Swan MX Raceway Park
12068 CR 433
Tyler, TX 75704

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Lone Star Night Series

50cc (4-6)
Madden Jones

50cc (7-8)
Tristan Floyd

50cc Open (4-8)
Ben Smith
65cc (7-9)
Cade Head

65cc (10-12)
Christian Hull

65cc Open (7-12)
Christian Hull
85cc Beginner (7-15)
Riggin Smith

85cc (7-11)
Chase Driscoll

85cc (9-13)
Brandon Smith

85cc (12-15)
Dustin Schultz

Supermini 1 (7-12)
Brandon Smith

Supermini 2 (12-16)

Colton Green


Schoolboy 1 (12-16)
Austin Vallejo

 Schoolboy 2 (13-16)
Zachary Neeley

Amateur Open (B,C,D)
Austin Jones

125-650 Open Nov/Beg
Austin Martin

Collegeboy Open Amt.
Billy Pearce III

Women (80cc-250F)
MacKenzie Gamster

250 Beginner (D)
Ford Sobey

250 Novice (C) 12-16
Austin Martin

250 Novice (C) 17+
Matt Craig

450 Beginner (D)
Nolan Parker

450 Novice (C)
Jesse Slade

Open Pro
Randall Prewitt
25+ Open (A,B,C,D)
Austin Jones

30+ Amtateur (C,D)
Jason Brummell

30+ Advanced (A,B)
Randall Prewitt

40+ Amtateur (C,D)
Clay Magouirk

40+ Advanced (A,B)
Danny Richardson

50+ Open
Daryl Hajj

55+ Open
  Randy Owen
2015 Practice Memberships
These make great stocking stuffers! Renewal paperwork for current members will be sent out soon.  

For those of you wanting a NEW membership, you can come to Swan on any Sunday in January from 10am-2pm to sign up. Please click here to view more information.

20th Annual

8th Annual
Round 9 Results + 
Series Overall Results are now up!
Swan MX Raceway Park
With less than ideal weather conditions this past weekend, we are exceptionally grateful to those of you who braved the cold and wet conditions to be here!  Despite the gloomy weather, we were blessed to see so many happy and smiling faces and zero complaining!  Even after a transformer unexpectedly went out on Saturday night, we were thankful to have racers who never even hesitated to share their generators with us.  We were then able to power up the scoring tower so we could continue the night races!  Also, everyone REALLY appreciated the large heater that was loaned to us for the tent by another racer's family.  What a wonderful reprieve from the cold & wind that heated tent turned out to be!!!

The 26th Annual Thanksgiving Fest cookout was a big success!  
With over 400 people served, it's no wonder that we had very little leftovers!  Thank you to all who came and joined us!  This was just a small way for us to say 'Thank You' to all of our racers and their families for supporting us this year!
On a different subject, we would like to acknowledge the honest and giving hearts of our wonderful racers!  Over the years, we have had wallets, cell phones, Go-Pro cameras, cash & credit cards, and many various other valuable items turned into the tower, which we were able to return to their very grateful owners.  It's also been very refreshing to see racers helping and loaning bike parts and riding gear to other racers who wouldn't have been able to race without them.  
Just further proof of what an awesome racing family 
have here at Swan!!!
Click the link below to check out the series results!
We Love Seeing Your Photos!
As a family run racetrack for over 28 years, we know firsthand 
the importance of spending time together with our loved ones.  
The sport of motocross, as well as racing at Swan, has brought so many parents and children closer together and created so many happy memories.  Y'all do such a great job of capturing those great moments and we absolutely
love seeing the photos that y'all post throughout the years, as well as the encouraging notes that you write to us.  These are the reasons that we continue working so hard in order to provide a place for families to come together in a fun and wholesome environment.
Here are a few of the photos that we've seen on social media that have brought smiles to our faces!  
Thank you for sharing them with us and please continue to do so by
tagging us and by using #swanmx !
                     With the chance of rain taken out of the forecast completely now, the dirt conditions should definitely be good!  We are hoping that everyone stays warm this weekend inside this HEATED TENT!! Come join us for some good eatin' and fellowship at our 26th An    
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